Hello friends!

Mi escuela de español is an online academy dedicated, exclusively to teaching Spanish. Here, you will find Spanish-speaking teachers with extensive experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

They will put their knowledge to your service by using the strategies that best suit your needs and learning style.

The courses are taught at different levels and aimed at students of all ages. Therefore, we have a series of editorial and self-produced resources for our students. The classes are ONE-TO-ONE. Additionally, you will count more time for oral practice and all the attention you need from your teacher. Lessons are via Zoom, but students will have the chance to switch to another means of communication such as Skype, Meet, or FaceTime.

We also have our resource store for teachers who teach Spanish online and in schools. Our vision of the products is to provide solutions to busy teachers who need lesson planings and resources to carry them out.

Dare to learn Spanish from the comfort of your home, with native teachers, passionate about teaching the language, qualified and experienced!

I will be looking forward to hearing from you!

Romina De Martino Rambaud