Spanish language courses online


Intended for children who:


They have gone to a bilingual nursery school and have not had the opp

ortunity to continue learning Spanish.


She learns Spanish at school, but needs private classes to improve her level of Spanish.


His second mother tongue is Spanish, but he has difficulty expressing himself.


He does not have the opportunity to choose Spanish as a subject at school or to go to a bilingual school.


For multilingual children who want to learn Spanish.


When a child learns one or more languages, he develops greater plasticity in his brain, at the same time that those areas related to logical-mathematical operations are stimulated. The child learns easily when he is exposed to games, rhymes, songs and activities that put his motor skills and empirical experience into play. Likewise, the formation of emotional bonds is important for a successful and memorable experience, for this reason it is said that learning a language has to be fun, varied, with the possibility of exposing the child to the language, through family experiences. and significant.




 Intended for young people and adults who:  


Are studying Spanish in high school and need private Spanish lessons.


They need to prepare a Spanish exam for selectivity.


They wish to prepare a study or exchange trip to a Spanish-speaking country.


They want to learn Spanish to expand their future and training possibilities.


For adults who need to improve their level of Spanish for tourism or work purposes.


Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world. This makes it a tool for job placement, and a vehicle to learn about the immense cultural wealth of Spanish-speaking peoples. For this reason, more and more students decide to learn Spanish to improve their academic training, expand their job opportunities, travel and learn about new cultures.




· Based on the communicative method. The main objective is to improve the language skills of each student (reading, writing, listening and speaking).


· The duration of the online Spanish classes is 50 minutes per session. *In the case of children it will be 30-50 minutes per session, depending on their attention span and their needs.


· The classes are 100% in Spanish. I help them put into practice all their prior knowledge and learning strategies to increase the chances of success. *Use of English ONLY when necessary (contextualization and explanations).


· The classes are personalized and adapted to the level of Spanish, interests, needs and objectives of the students.


A wide variety of personalized materials will be used that best suit your learning style and work on all language skills in a fun, interactive and highly visual way. *The materials used adhere to the reference levels established by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

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